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Child Care


During various yoga classes, we offer childcare for children of all ages facilitated by a childcare teacher. Feel at ease in your practice while your kids are engaging in mindful and interactive play with our experienced childcare teacher. We also have a backyard play area so please bring a jacket for your child.

There is stroller parking to the right of the studio through the blue door.

Please create an account for your child and register your child at least 2 hours in advance here

Child Care Phamily Rules

  • Snacks are allowed however, NO NUTS of any kind.

  • Please sign up children online ahead of time under the child's account.

  • All electronics (ipads, etc…) must be used with headphones. The content must be non-violent. 

  • Please make sure your child has a clean diaper on.

  • Please DO NOT bring your children if they are sick.

  • Please provide back up diapers, a drink and clothing in their bag. Please let us know of any food allergies.

First Time Tips

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to be in the space with your child to build familiarity or come to our parent circle to introduce your child to the space. We welcome you to come in and just play the first time too. In the event your child is having separation anxiety and cries for 10 minutes, we will come get you and ask you to spend a few minutes with your child, helping them learn this is a safe space.

  • Once your child calms down, you will be able to go back to class. In the event we have to get you 3 times, we will comp you your yoga class. We will get you earlier than 10 minutes of your child being distressed or crying if that is your preference. Please let us know.

  • Those that are new to us are welcome to drop by and stay with their kids the first time.

  • There is a dry erase board with a corresponding number to put your name and your child’s name and age. You will also put the belongings in the cubby that corresponds with the number you are filling in on the whiteboard and will take that number into the room with you in case we need to get you!

  • Once you enter the yoga room, please place your mat at the back of the room so we can easily get you if we need to.

  • If you are breast feeding we find it’s been very helpful for moms to do a feeding in the child care room before leaving to go practice. This helps your babies tummy be full and lowers the anxiety for them.

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